Tranquility and Relaxation in the Wellness Paths
of our Spa Resort in Monopoli

Wellness & Spa

The Elements of Your Relaxation

In our Atmosphera Wellness & Spa, every activity is a step on the path to your relaxation and well-being. Let yourself be enveloped by sensations of pleasure, let our treatments regenerate your body and mind. Trust the skill of our professionals.

Jacuzzi Tub

In the Jacuzzi, you can indulge in relaxation, pleasure, and the benefits of water and air jets; these can improve blood circulation and alleviate stress and muscle pain.


Let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of the sauna: here, the heat and humidity promote sweating and the elimination of toxins, giving you a widespread sensation of well-being.

Turkish Bath

The warm embrace of the steam in the Turkish bath purifies the skin, facilitates the elimination of toxins, helps clear the respiratory passages, and relaxes the muscles, providing deep relaxation.

Herbal Tea Corner

Between one treatment and another, take a moment to enjoy a herbal tea from our selection: choose it for its different digestive, relaxing, purifying, draining, or anti-inflammatory properties.

Spa Kit

The kit from our Atmosphera Wellness & Spa includes a bathrobe and slippers; from here begins your total relaxation experience, ensured by our knowledgeable and friendly team.

Emotional shower

Soft lighting, a silent and relaxing atmosphere, invigorating jets, now warm, now cold: in the emotional shower, you can experience the rejuvenating sensations that water gives to your body.


Our wellness proposal includes exclusive aesthetic treatments, such as moisturizing peeling with sea salts and olive oil, and those with Mediterranean fragrances, as well as other more classic and always enjoyable treatments like manicures and pedicures. In the spa, you can embark on a journey made of true rituals of pleasure and vitality for the face and body.

Face and Body Creams

In our Spa we have chosen to use Comfort Zone products, for the commitment to ensure effectiveness and safety, choosing quality ingredients. The formulations without silicones, animal derivatives, mineral oils, artificial dyes, SLS, ensure respect for the environment and our skin.


Drain, reshape, and tone your body with the massages of our professionals. In the Atmosphera Wellness & Spa, you can entrust your well-being to the care of our masseurs and experience a regenerating experience. So on vacation, you can relax, get rid of stress, and regain energy.

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